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Filters have the nasty job of cleaning all the dirt, algae, bacteria, and parasites from your pool water. If the filter is not operating properly then you will never be able to clean the water no matter how much chemicals you dump in it. The filter might just look like a big ball or drum on the outside but there is actually a lot going on inside. Filter grids and cartridges are subjected to extremely high forces and parts will break and wear out. At a minimum you should be servicing your filter annually in addition to your routine backwashing. Our techs are trained on what to inspect and look for when servicing the filter and will get you back in service quickly.
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Typical filter repair & replacement cost

Filter valve service with spider gasket – $125
O-ring or pressure gauge leaks $120-$140
Routine clean and inspection $140
New cartridges (single cartridge filters) $150-$200
New multiport filter valve $300-$350
New cartridges (4 cartridge filters) $380-$480
New DE filter $975-$1150
New Cartridge filter $1000-$1500
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DIY Quick Fixes

Pool won’t clear up
DE filter pressure keeps climbing
Sand filter blowing dirt

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Should I Repair or Replace

When your pump needs repair it is the perfect time to ask this question.  Here are our recommendations to help with your decision.

  • If your pump is less than 10 years old and the repair is less than $400 then you might want to consider just fixing it.  Although an upgrade to a variable speed pump is always a good option to consider.
  • Is you pump is old technology.  Most metal pumps are open impeller pumps that likely have a lot of internal wear.  These pumps are extremely inefficient by today’s standards and are good candidates to be replaced regardless of the cost of a repair.
  • If your pump is more than 10 years old and the cost of the repair is more than $400 then you should replace it with a new single speed pump or a variable speed pump.
  • Always consider an upgrade to a variable speed pump for your filter pump.  Variable speed pumps will save you $700 or more in electricity cost per year over a single speed pump and they run cooler and quieter which is good for the pump as well as the filter.